Try Dive


We can arrange a Try Dive most Wednesday evenings – just ring!  – ring now to book a place.

The Okay for our Try dives

If you have every had the thought of Try Scuba Diving now is your chance. Every month we run Try Dives for those who want to give scuba diving a try.

So if you live in Southport, Ormskirk or the Sefton area give us a ring on 07491 876365 drop us an email

To try scuba diving for the first time give us a ring and we will book you in. The try dive will consist of first learning the basics of correct snorkeling techniques. You don’t have to be a strong swimmer to scuba dive but it helps to have a good fining technique.

So we show you how to use the fins correctly. How to use the mask and snorkel. How to clear your snorkel when it is filled with water. How to hold your breath and “duck” dive.

We then show you all the Scuba Diving equipment and explain the safety elements of the scuba try dive. Try dive equipment consists of the cylinder of air, the buoyancy jacket, and the regulators from which you breath.

Our diving instructors will then teach you how to use the buoyancy controls on the jacket to assist with your dive.

Our diving instructors will go at your pace so if you are unsure of diving and you dont like the idea of breathing under water we will take it slowly.

Once you have put your head under water you will learn how to control your buoyancy by inflating your jacket.

When you are comfortable with the basics your scuba diving instructor will demonstrate skills for you to copy, skills which you will need to know if you wish to progress your diving.

We are sure you will enjoy yourself on your try dive, and if you wish to progress to learning scuba diving we can take you that next step.