Try Dive

Have you ever fancied a Try Scuba Dive?

Is it on your bucket list to go Scuba diving when on holiday? Have you always fancied having a go at Scuba Diving, well why don’t you have a Try Dive? A Try Scuba Dive is an excellent way of seeing if you would like to learn to Scuba dive.

When & Where can I have a go?

The last Wednesday of each month Southport Sub aqua Club run a Try Scuba dive and Try Snorkel session at the Dunes Splashworld in Southport, from 7.15 til 9.15pm.

What will I learn and how long does it last?

You will have a one to one lesson for over an hour experiencing what it is like to breathe underwater while using an Aqualung.

What do I need to bring? And what if I feel very nervous?

We supply everything you need for a 1 hour session in the pool with one of our Instructors (Just bring a T Shirt for in the water and swim wear). We go at your pace, so if you are apprehensive about the idea , don’t be , we will take it very slowly, the idea is for you to enjoy the Try dive. Even if you don’t take the sport any further at least you will have enjoyed the thrill of using an Aqualung underwater.

How old do I need to be? And do I need to be a good swimmer? And how fit do I need to be?

You need to be a minimum of 14 years old , and a reasonable swimmer, the stronger the swimmer the easier you will find Scuba diving, we will ask you to sign a Medical disclaimer to say you are reasonably fit to dive. If you have any medical conditions such as Asthma , it does not mean you cant take part in a Try dive, but we would ask you to contact our Medical Referee and he will give you the appropriate advice.

How much will it cost? And how do I book a session?

A try dive costs £25 for one session of approximately 1 hour. Ring Pete on 07731 472232 or email on